Introduction to Stock Market- Review It

What is Stock Market?

Stock Market is also known as Share Market or Equity Market. There are several Stock Exchanges across the world. There are thousands of companies who are listed on these exchanges. The stock exchange acts as a middleman between the company & the Investor. A company is owned by a person who decides to get it divided into a certain number of shares or parts. Then the shares of that company are offered to the public for sale at a certain value which is known as Initial Public Offering(IPO) through the Stock Exchange. The place where shares are traded is known as Stock Exchange. The company offers an IPO to increase their funds. There are hundreds of companies listed on a particular stock exchange. The public or the investor can purchase the share of any of those listed companies at the market value of the same.

“Trading and Investing” are both different terms used in the share market. The people who purchase or buy a share for the long-term(more than 1 year) are known as Investors. The stock market opens for a particular period. The traders buy a certain number of stocks of a company and sell it within a day which is known as Intraday trading or within some days or week. This is known as short-term investment. The shares are traded by the people live via the use of the internet in this modern era.

Share Market is a place that is dreaded by the common man. It is a myth that everyone loses their wealth in the share market. It is the most reliable method to grow a wealth which lies unused. The people who lose money are the ones with zero knowledge about share market but seek their fortune in it. It has the highest growth rate with zero chances of bankruptcy provided the person has sufficient idea and is not blindly investing.

There are several major stock exchanges available in each country like NYSE (USA), NASDAQ (USA), LSE (UK), SSE (China), JEG (JAPAN), NSE (INDIA), BSE (INDIA) ,etc where various companies situated in that nation is listed in its particular stock exchange where their shares are traded on a daily basis.

Note:- This will be continued and updated further. It was advised by some of the readers to make it like a digest. Please share your valuable views about it and stay tuned for the whole article. I invest in the stock market regularly with five-year experience and the views expressed are completely personal.


A Guide to WordAds – Review It

What is WordAds?

WordAds is an advertising program owned by Automattic, the company that runs It is an advertising platform created exclusively for WordPress managed websites to monetize their blog. This initiative is similar to Google AdSense that requires advertisements to be displayed on the blog to earn money.

WordAds has associated with many top advertisers including Google Adsense, Adx, App Nexus, Amazon, Aoc, Yahoo and many others. These companies bid to display their client’s ads on the WordPress sites. There are over millions of websites which has a reach of more than billion people on WordPress, that makes it an attractive and influential brand to the Advertisers.

How to be eligible for WordAds?

  • WordAds is available exclusively to the WordPress sites. The managed sites with the default or free URL are ineligible for WordAds.
  • WordPress always displays Ads on those free websites without the consent of the writer nor they share the revenue generated through those blogs.
  • These blogs to become eligible for WordAds have to purchase any of the paid plans. The plans include Personal, Premium and the Business plan. The Premium or Business plan users are directly eligible for WordAds without any particular requirements. The Personal plan users or the self-hosted sites at have to comply with various requirements to get approved for WordAds.
  • The following Terms & Conditions or requirements are necessary to get approved for WordAds.
  1. A high traffic requirement with minimum thousands of view per month and a sufficient number of visitors per day.
  2. Appropriate or “family safe” content is a must.
  3. A verified PayPal account. Those who don’t have should create it before applying.

WordAds approval is relatively easier than AdSense but the minimum traffic level is a difference between the approval requirements. The Application for WordAds asks only two main questions, your residing country, and the PayPal email address. After applying the application will be reviewed and can be rejected or approved on the basis of their policy.

How does WordAds work & pay?

WordAds works on the principle of Cost Per Impression(CPM), unlike AdSense which uses Cost Per Click(CPC) mechanism to determine the rate of earning. It basically pays when a visitor sees the ad, not by the click on the Ad. This makes the earnings completely dependent on the number of visitors and the views a website gets. The rate per impression varies in every region. The website which gets more amount of traffic from North America is paid more than the visitors of other places. The rate is not fixed and keeps changing constantly as per the market value. It provides an earning tab option to monitor the website earnings.

WordAds pays only via PayPal with a minimum of $100 required for a payout. This means anything less than the limit will not be credited to the account.

What do people think about WordAds?

WordAds is less popular as compared to AdSense. It is mostly perceived as an alternative to AdSense. Those websites who are rejected or banned from AdSense opt for WordAds. There are several bloggers who have used WordAds to monetize their blog. The most common issue faced is that their website speed slows down while displaying Ads. It causes the avid readers a lot of inconvenience and a decline in visitors. It is a technical glitch but the rate of cost per impression (CPM) is also very less. A website with a high traffic is only recommended to use WordAds. The sites with 50,000+ views per month have earned only a mere $30. It takes millions of views per month to get a decent amount of income from WordAds. Those who have chosen it have taken more than a year to be eligible for a $100 payout. The hosting plans are much higher as compared to the income generated by the site. It doesn’t have a great reputation in the advertising platform. So, It is highly recommended for the self-hosted sites to use alternative methods to monetize their blog.

AdSense Vs WordAds

Adsense is the best & most popular advertising platform which is superior and reliable than WordAds. WordAds is available only to WordPress sites whereas AdSense doesn’t discriminate the sites based on hosting. AdSense provides a better income opportunity which uses cost per click (CPC) method than WordAds that uses Cost per Impression (CPM) method to monetize a blog. AdSense has strict guidelines to get approved but WordAds is relatively easier to get approved with the basic requirement of having a high traffic site. Adsense prefers a quality content website that is not an issue with WordAds. AdSense has various payout schemes whereas WordAds pays only via PayPal with a minimum amount of $100 required. The quality of Ads displayed by the WordAds is better than AdSense. It is unfair to compare both but AdSense is overall a better advertising program than WordAds.


It is evident that WordAds is suitable for high traffic sites. It should not be the priority and other alternative methods are a much better option to monetize a blog.

What is Google AdSense & Is it really useful? – Review It

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program started by Google. It is a popular platform for blogs and websites to generate income. It is different from affiliate marketing and is often confused with Google AdWords. There are many who want to advertise their work on the Internet. So, Google created both this programs and acts as a middleman between the advertiser and the publisher. Those who want to display their advertisement online create an AdWords account and the Webmaster or the blogger creates an AdSense account to monetize their website by displaying those ads.

How to create an AdSense account & get approved

Google Adsense has listed several requirements to get an approved account in their Terms & Conditions which varies for each country. It is relatively easier to get an AdSense account in the western tier countries than India & China. AdSense has strict guidelines for getting approved in these countries. It is banned for countries like Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, etc. Before applying, it is essential to know the following AdSense policies.

  • It is mandatory to own a self-hosted website which is active for at least 6 months.
  • The managed sites or the domain with WordPress is ineligible for AdSense. Create a new website or shift the existing site to If it is a managed site then there is a direct option available on the platform with certain requirements for eligibility.
  • The website should be professional with great quality content and a high traffic.
  • The content should have enough quantity of words and free of any grammatical error.

These are the basic points that are necessary to get an AdSense approval. If your site complies with these guidelines then go ahead and apply for an AdSense account. A reply within 1-2 weeks will be given after the site is reviewed. The application can be approved or rejected in accordance with their policy and the quality of the website.

What do most people think about AdSense?

AdSense is run by the search engine giant Google which makes it a very reliable brand. It has an easy and a simple mechanism that makes it convenient to use. It is among the most popular methods to earn but the professional and high traffic websites don’t use this program. They recommend affiliate marketing over AdSense. The new bloggers perceive that AdSense can provide them with a stable income if their site is approved. It is quite different in reality as AdSense pays a very little amount as compared to the revenue they generate. It is not easy for a new website with less traffic to get an AdSense approval which prompts the webmaster to use another alternative way to make money from their blog.

How much does AdSense pay?

There are a lot of people who are earning from AdSense. They have a site with a particular niche and AdSense pays them when anyone clicks on the advertisement which is known as earnings per click(EPC). The rate of earnings per click is determined on the basis of the quality and the niche of a website. Google has termed this as cost per click (CPC). They pay 68% share as a revenue in accordance with the CPC rate of the website. The total income a website can create depends on the number of visitors and the CPC rate of a website. A webmaster can earn handsomely on a day or sparsely at times. Thus, Google generates a large part of their earnings through Adsense while the income of bloggers remains unstable.

What are the best alternatives to AdSense?

Those websites which are not approved for AdSense can easily avail other alternative platforms. They are similar to AdSense as they pay for each click on the advertisements. They don’t have a strict policy and approve the site easily. They also monetize only self-hosted websites but unlike AdSense, the quality of the website is not an issue. The rate of pay is less than AdSense which is the reason for its unpopularity. Nonetheless, something is better than nothing. So, If you have a website that is self-hosted and has a decent number of visitors per day or is ineligible for Adsense can certainly use the following platforms to monetize their website.

Conclusion :-

Google AdSense offers the best and the simplest earning program. It is convenient but has its own pros and cons. It is generally not recommended by the professional bloggers as affiliate marketing provides a better income opportunity than AdSense. It is useful for the part-time bloggers those who want to earn some extra bucks. There are various ads that Google displays on a website but only a few times it gets clicked. It makes this program inefficient and less effective than other methods to monetize a blog. It is overall useful and a safe method to make money online.

The Reality Of Making Money Online-Review It

How to make money online?

This is among the most searched questions on Google. So, there are tons of articles dedicated to it on various blogs. They reveal several methods and websites to earn money online. The doubt arises whether these ways of earning are really genuine and easy to make a stable earning. After reading several articles and analyzing those techniques. The following conclusions given below are drawn based on the methods provided on the Internet.

1. Create a blog

Creating a blog is the most popular method available on the Internet for making money online. It is considered as a very reliable and easy way to make a stable income. The truth is different as portrayed online, It is quite difficult and a time-consuming work. A blogger has to be creative, unique and search various techniques to improve their Google search engine rankings. It is not a walk in the park to generate income. So, If you are hardworking and dedicated give a try. It is recommended for the new bloggers to use the free platforms like rather than self-hosted programs available because a new blog generally takes time to get recognized, while you lose your money by self-hosting. You can easily shift your WordPress hosted site to a self-hosted site on when your blog starts receiving a high traffic and positive feedbacks. WordPress is a blogging network preferred by millions of writers. It has a huge community and the best available platform for blogging with various amenities. There are several other major platforms for blogging apart from WordPress like and

TIP:- Never quit blogging because the blog is not getting enough appreciation. Try to figure out the reason, improve the content and ask others to review it. Always remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.So, being dedicated is the key to success.

2.Trading cryptocurrency

There are many cryptocurrencies or virtual currency on the Internet. Trading or Investing in it has become a new way of making money online. Cryptocurrency is not a real thing which doesn’t exist anywhere other than the digital platform. It was created using the blockchain network to ease the payment system on the Internet. There are several major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar, IOTA among the others. Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency made in 2009 by an unknown person. It has become the most valued cryptocurrency at the moment. The price of each cryptocurrency depends on the demand & supply basis. Its legal status varies in every country. It is legal in many countries and banned in a few but major countries. It is valid in most European countries and the USA. Those countries have independent departments to regulate its usage. It is banned in China and the validity is restricted in Russia and India among the other nations to an extent. Trading in cryptocurrency is not advisable as the probability of a major theft is very high. They are also very vulnerable to controversies and their price is always fluctuating. There are many reliable cryptocurrency exchanges which offer a trade in the cryptocurrencies. There are some of the following major cryptocurrency trading platforms like CoinBase & Poloniex (for the USA and most European nations), ZebPay & Unocoin(for India).

TIP:- Researching on which cryptocurrency to invest or trade along with the cryptocurrency exchange should be the priority. Invest in a small amount according to the financial status rather than investing a lump sum amount in cryptocurrency. It does not provide a stable income and has the most risk involved.


Freelancing sounds like a very easy and reliable method to make money online. It is a good way to earn but it also has its pros and cons. It is basically working online with lots of freedom. There are several websites on the Internet which offer various types of freelancing work. They actually hire people like in reality a company chooses its employees, the difference is that freelancing online is a digital platform and can be accessed from anywhere. To find a freelance job is not easy, It requires qualifications and people with experience will be preferred. There are a lot of applications for a single job on the website, one needs to stand out from the crowd. It is like a virtual interview where there are several candidates. The payments are also not verified every time, so choosing the right platform is very necessary. It doesn’t guarantee a stable income but a professional work is very well rewarded. This is the fact which most blogs don’t write as they want a Google SEO friendly content while promoting affiliate marketing. The best sites providing freelancing work according to various reviews online are Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, CrowdSource & Guru.

TIP:- Being well qualified helps in finding a suitable online work. It is not easy for the students with less experience and skills to earn a decent amount of money online. An offline part-time job pays more than a freelance job for them.

4.Paid to click (PTC) sites

Paid to click or PTC sites allows users to do simple tasks like viewing an advertisement, downloading and surveying. There are blogs that claim this as the easiest way to make money online, It doesn’t require any qualifications and pays between 100$ to 1000$ per month. I have visited and created many accounts on these top PTC sites like Neobux, Clixsense,&GPTplanet. They actually pay a different amount for various types of ads which has a range of $0.001 to $0.02. It also has a limit of viewing those ads per day. The maximum amount that can be earned after working on a full-time basis is anywhere between $5 to $10 per month. These sites take a huge amount of money from the advertisers to display their advertisements. They only pay a very little amount to the viewers who waste their precious time viewing those unnecessary ads.

TIP:- “Time is Money”, Beware and never invest your time in PTC sites. Find an alternative method to make online or offline.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular business technique used by professional websites and bloggers to promote others sites and products. There are many types of affiliate programs but mostly used are pay-per-click & pay-per-lead. It is basically writing or displaying various things and providing a link to their sites on your blog when a reader clicks on that link or purchases a product from it then a commision is credited to your account. The mechanism is simple and anyone can easily become an affiliate, but only those blogs and websites which are successful and have a high traffic can generate a stable income from it. The new blogger or a website should improve their content before becoming an affiliate. There are a lot of websites and companies who offer affiliate programs and pay handsomely like Amazon, eBay, ShareASale and all the other popular companies or websites.

TIP- “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched” is a classic example, in this case, that tells us not to monetize a blog until it gets established.

6. Writing and publishing an eBook online

Writing and publishing an eBook is a popular method available to make money online. Writing an eBook is easy but making it error free a quite difficult task. There are several publishing platforms and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) by Amazon is recommended to self-publish it online. Before publishing an eBook try to review it. If the eBook receives positive feedback then go ahead with the publishing. The readers prefer books of established writers and paying for a new author will definitely not be on their minds. It is not guaranteed that anybody will purchase the eBook, so only those who believe have written a great content should give it a try.

TIP-Nothing is easy in life and having self-belief is more important than selling eBooks. You should try to sell the eBook free or at a relatively lower rate. If the eBook gets many readers and is widely appreciated online then increase the price according to the real value.

7.Starting a YouTube channel

YouTube is a worldwide video watching platform with millions of channels and over a billion daily viewers. It is a platform to get recognized, but it requires a great set of skills and talent apart from patience & dedication. It is a simple process to start a YouTube channel but to get established and successful is not easy. There are a lot of factors that contribute towards the success of a channel. The YouTubers who have many subscribers and viewers are monetizing their channel to get paid for displaying ads on their channel. The successful YouTubers preach various methods to increase the presence of your channel. The audience appreciates the great content and professional types of video with any niche. It is also a very time-consuming work that may take years to get the recognization.

TIP:-YouTube is a great platform for those aspirants who have extraordinary skills. Those who create a YouTube channel could ask someone to review it. If it is good enough the progress will be visible through positive feedbacks and an increase in subscribers within a short period of time.


Everything requires hard work and making money online is tough without investments. It is not the same as many blogs claim that anyone can start earning this or that much amount per month. Personal research is highly necessary to find out the reality of any method to earn.

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